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10 Ways to Detox Immediately // realnutritiousliving.com
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We’ve spent the past few weeks talking about detoxification, it’s importance and some simple steps you can take today to start cleaning up your system. Today we’ll continue our spring cleaning series with 10 Ways to Detox Immediately.

 10 Ways to Detox Immediately

1. Drink 1 liter of filtered (and remineralized) water per every 50 pounds of body weight.

2. Drink warm lemon water each day upon rising- bump it up with a dash of cayenne if you’re brave! To help detox further add 1 drop of lemon essential oil (like this.)

3. Eat 2 servings of dark leafy greens (and sprouts) each day without fail.

4. Use sea vegetables in your daily diet (kelp, dulse, nori, etc).

5. Work to reduce caffeine and alcohol. Try green tea instead and consider kombucha in a pretty glass over alcohol.

6. Download the Clean 15/ Dirty Dozen and work to eliminate top offenders and include more organic produce in your daily diet.

7.  Eat only hormone-antibiotic free/free range/pasture raised or organic meats. We love ButcherBox  – a company that will deliver 100% grass fed, grass finished meat right to your front door. Save 10% off your first order and get free bacon when you use this link.  

8.  Eliminate refined sugar. Yes, I’m getting bossy here. You’ve heard this enough. If you’re having trouble ditching sugar, give us a call or email us here. This one step is everything for energy, mood, immunity, weight loss, etc.

9. Aim to sweat most days of the week. Exercise is great, but sauna’s and hot detox bath’s work when you’ve met your exercise limit.

10. Breath is a powerful detoxification mechanism.  Reduce stress by deep breathing, yoga, tai chi, nature- whatever works for you!

Bonus step:

Clean up your makeup bag. Most makeup is full of toxic chemicals and heavy metals which affect your weight, skin, hormonal and organ health. Beautycounter is my go to for makeup because it’s all EWG verified and every batch is tested for heavy metals before it goes out. This is the kind of shift that will go a long way in helping you achieve your health goals!

 “Elimination equals illumination. Reduce excesses, but not excessively”.  –ArgIsle-izms

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Check out what past cleansers are saying:

I have never felt better. Melissa is a wealth of knowledge and tailors her cleanse specifically to your individual needs. The private consults are crucial as she gets to know what is bothering you and what you really want out of it. For me, I wanted more energy, weight loss, healthier skin and stronger hair (tall order, right?). She went through supplements I am currently taking and which to take once I am done with my current ones. After making a few changes in my diet and supplement routine I can noticeably see a difference in my skin and hair (no joke!) and have noticed a flatter stomach. I also have way more energy and look forward to waking up and working out in the morning. She’s always there for support and helps answers questions along the way. Highly, HIGHLY recommend giving the cleanse a try! So glad I did. Thank you Melissa!! Kelli Miller (Realtor)

I think everyone needs a “reset button,” and that is exactly what the RNL cleanse can do.  The holidays always complicate digestion for me.  I end up indulging in things I shouldn’t, my days are hectic, and in general I feel sluggish and out of sorts.  And the shorter daylight hours make it even worse!  So when I asked Melissa to help me find the “reset button,” I was happy that she had a solution.  I had never done a cleanse before, and I found it easy to do.  You might think a cleanse means a daily diet of nothing but water, but really the idea is to bring balance and intentionality into your daily choices.  The results were obvious:  I lost weight, I felt better, and my mental attitude was improved.  It provided an important reset that kicked off the new year and helped me anticipate spring!~ Julia Williams (Professor)

I did the RNL Cleanse & I really loved the recipes & definitely noticed an increase in my energy level! I highly recommend this cleanse! ~ Laura Kirchner (Fitness Instructor)

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