The Hidden Dangers of Mascara (and what to do about it!)

I love mascara. In truth, I rarely leave my house without it and a bit of tinted moisturizer with SPF, concealer (thanks baby;) and a quick brow pencil.  I’ve written about cleaning up my beauty products after becoming pregnant, but was shocked to learn about the hidden dangers of mascaraContinue reading “The Hidden Dangers of Mascara (and what to do about it!)”

How I got Pregnant the First Time I Tried (at age 36!)

Chances are you’re reading this, rolling your eyes and maybe even thinking “great someone else is pregnant.” My goal in writing this piece is not about bragging or making anyone feel bad about their personal journey to motherhood, but to share the things that worked for me and helped me get pregnant right away. It’s my hope that it will help you too. That said I hope you’ll keep reading and learn how I got pregnant the first time I tried. Continue reading “How I got Pregnant the First Time I Tried (at age 36!)”

Tight Tummy Tuesday (Part I)

We’re doing something different this week. Bikini season is right around the corner. That said, we’re shaking it up at RNL this week with Tight Tummy Tuesday. Keep reading for our tight tummy recipe, ab workout and exciting announcement.  Continue reading “Tight Tummy Tuesday (Part I)”

I’m SO over food-shaming

All week the concept of food shaming has been at the front of my mind. I’m here to say it’s time to kick the guilt and judgement placed around food to the curb- for good!  Continue reading “I’m SO over food-shaming”

Why you should plan on NOT Dieting in the New Year…..

I realize that the New Years diet resolution is as fundamental as paying taxes and dying, but I’m here to say don’t do it!!! Not this year. And here’s why:  Continue reading “Why you should plan on NOT Dieting in the New Year…..”

It’s Not About Weight Loss….

Have you ever had one of those days? Or maybe weeks? The past couple of weeks; I’ve really enjoyed giving away free health strategy calls to help RNL followers Master their Metabolism.  But there’s something that has me pretty ticked off.  I spend my days talking with the most amazing women and men and most of them want to lose weight. That’s not why I’m mad. I’m mad because they all think they need to lose weight.  Continue reading “It’s Not About Weight Loss….”

Most People Will Never Know What this Feels Like

I want to share something with you that totally changed my perspective on myself and my life several years ago.

First of all, this is about the first REAL diet, lifestyle change that actually worked and secondly, this is such a game-changer, when it comes to taking your body, mindset AND lifestyle to the next level.

This is what happened…

Continue reading “Most People Will Never Know What this Feels Like”

5 Secrets I Learned at Kombucha Kamp + Bonus Recipe

Kombucha. Ahhh, it’s like a fizzy summer hug in a cup. And that’s what today’s post is all about friends. Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp was a fabulous expert on the Master Your Metabolism Summit in June and discussed kombucha uses and benefits. Hannah has even had the term “the kombucha mamma” coined after her, because she is the kombucha guru.  I recently had the pleasure of spending a Saturday afternoon with Hannah and crew at kamp learning some really cool uses and benefits of kombucha I never knew.  Keep reading for all the details and free bonus recipe.  Continue reading “5 Secrets I Learned at Kombucha Kamp + Bonus Recipe”

Tuesday Tip: Tips to get Longer Lashes

I know so many women with great lashes. Some are just lucky, while others use latisse or get professionally done extensions. At RNL we recently learned a great all natural beauty tip that will make your lashes look amazing and we’re so excited to share with you!  Continue reading “Tuesday Tip: Tips to get Longer Lashes”

No Fail Technique to “Master Your Metabolism”

Have you ever wondered how to boost your metabolism naturally??

Are you tired of spending countless hours in the gym and counting calories only to feel like you’re getting nowhere??

Do you wonder what it would be like to wake up with energy every morning?

Would you love to make it through your day without coffee, sugar cravings and afternoon trips to the vending machine?

Continue reading “No Fail Technique to “Master Your Metabolism””