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I was so excited when Birgit reach out to me to review “Simply Birgit.’ Simply birgit is a body care line with one mission: to craft beautiful, natural & fairly traded body care ~striving to make every woman feel gorgeous, fearless, inspired ~ because you blaze your own trail!  Now I was initially attracted because ‘Simply Birgit’ is clean, natural, vegan, organic, fair trade, eco-friendly and a local small business.  Could there be a more beautiful combination? I could not wait to receive my goodie package and get started.  I felt like a small child daily waiting for the mail to arrive. Well, low and behold my package had finally arrived. I was all sweaty from the gym so the timing was truly impeccable! I grabbed my perfectly packaged goodies (seriously…..her packaging is cute, clean and looks like each bottle is custom tailored like a special gift for its user) and retired for some much desired pampering.

I began with the Pink Grapefruit Bergamot ~rosemary kissed Body Wash.  I donned my scrubby gloves, which I use after dry skin brushing and began to lather.  It was love at first smell with perfect texture and consistency leaving no residue.  As if I didn’t already smell and feel amazing enough, I lathered on the lotion of the same line. Ok, it has to be said, my skin is crazy dry. I always have to slather on lotions…all day long. And I’m a girl who has tried it all, coconut oil, lotions, potions, etc. Naturally I was quite excited about not being all itchy, dry and going through another bucket of lotion in a day! But for you lucky ones) with the oily skin don’t stop reading (yes, you’re lucky….you age so gracefully.) This lotion is crazy light, not greasy or heavy. I am quite certain it’s suitable for all skin types.

Next, I still had this curious jar of facial grains to play with. This was something fun….I mean the last thing I wanted to try was another “scrub” or “exfoliant”….boring!! I carefully unscrewed the jar, as if there was a jack-o-lantern under there, but was surprised with something else, the most decadent smell ever.  My little home spa immediately smelled just like brownies…..mmm. I was  sold!! I used the grains every other day sometimes as a quick scrub and others as a mask. Either way, my skin has felt amazing. I’ve never gotten out of the shower and not felt like my skin immediately needed lotion, until these special grains. Another added bonus…..no black heads (even around my nose) since I started with the grains. I’ve even tossed my toner aside and used it to refresh after the gym. The only downside, at first, you REALLY want brownies. Upside, this product is so clean you can basically eat it, so when a bit “accidentally” lands on your lips, you don’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals and the brownie cravings subside!

Now, with my dry, sensitive skin I am not leaving the house without moisturizer on my face, but I am in luck. I just happen to have a sweet little jar of Raw Honey &Vitamin C Cream.  This was where I took a deep breath. Was I really going to forgo my beloved Parisian face cream? I was honestly quite nervous. I mean this was my face. But this is what we do for product reviews, so here goes nothing. And it was something! My face felt amazing. Not remotely greasy even after a long day, not even in the “T zone.”  My skin has literally never been so smooth and soft. And not a blemish or bump!! Now I eat crazy clean, juice, eat green veggies, blah, blah, blah and here and there it can be troublesome (Birgit and I both agree that proper nutrition plus top quality product are the equation for great skin.)  Uh, yeah, turns out we’re all human and still get bumps or a nasty little blackhead here and there, but far less with this precious new cream. I am truly impressed.

Moving right along, and without a bit of hesitation, my lips need a little love. I let the chocolate truffle orange kissed balm take a lap around my lips. (Warning….delicious!!!) I was all set.  All the pleasant aromatherapy scents has me refreshed. In the dead of this dry, dry winter, my skin is smooth as can be. Love is in the air and I am enjoying my new love affair with my skin thanks to my ‘Simply Birgit’ goodies.

Oh shoot, because I was so in love with of all the other products, I nearly forgot my lovely little jar of Ohh… so raw Hand & Body Soufflé bergamot ~lime kissed.  Now this stuff is cool. I love anything raw, because the quality is always superb. This smells great, feels different and is super moisturizing. One thing I really like with the entire ‘Simply Birgit’ product line is a little goes a long way. Any girl on a budget can most certainly appreciate that!! I think the Soufflé is perfect for those with intensely dry skin or if you’re traveling or sick and your diet has been off. For now, I am going to use mine as a hand cream, in place of breast oil, and as a massage cream for cellulite. And I’m sure will be quite healing to a variety of all things skin related. This stuff is truly precious. The Shea butter is fairly traded and helping to change women’s live many miles away, so you can also feel really good about purchasing this skin quenching soufflé.

Ok, so I know you’re ready to order your own ‘Simply Birgit’ skin invasion. Here’s how:


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When not crafting gorgeous body care products or teaching others about herbs and how to make their own unique soaps, Birgit enjoys sustainable gardening, working on her ever expanding herb garden, spoiling her flock of chickens, hiking, biking and spending time outdoors. On Saturdays, during the summer months you can find her at the Plymouth IN farmers market.


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