Bikini Body by Summer 101

Bikini Body by Summer 101 //
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Summer is just around the corner and everyone wants a bikini body. RNL is here to help you get there with the Bikini Body by Summer program. I realized you all have a lot of questions so that’s what today’s blog is ALL about! 

Bikini Body by Summer FAQ’s

With the Bikini Body by Summer launch I’ve had a ton of questions and wanted to answer them all as best I could.

Will RNL be going away? 

No way!! Healthy Bod Squad is a fun new venture only to serve you better. I will still be here for your 1:1 needs as well as corporate wellness, etc. In fact, stay tuned for an exciting upcoming offer on 1:1 sessions.

Why did you start Healthy Bod Squad? 

So here’s the deal…I was sick for a long, long time, but I’m not anymore (hooray!) Have you ever heard the saying “like attracts like?” Well, I have seen it time and time again in my own practice. So as I healed my body and became more and more healthy I was finding I wanted a fitness program that wouldn’t burn out my adrenals and energized me, yet worked really well. I wanted health and wellness to be a fun community effort. Like you, I’m also REALLY really busy and I didn’t always want to have to think about what to eat each week. So Deanna and I combined our skills to bring you a program that takes the guesswork out of fitness and nutrition so you can just enjoy your life.

Who’s Deanna?  

Deanna Webb is an amazing fitness expert I’ve known for over 10 years. She has a bachelors degree in Kinesiology, with a specialty in Fitness. Over the years Deanna has trained me and assisted me in rebuilding after injuries. When the HBS concept was keeping me up at night and I was considering which fitness expert to bring on I always came back to Deanna. She builds the most fun and effective workout programs I’ve ever used. In fact, her workouts are the only workouts that have dramatically reshaped my problem areas and greatly reduced cellulite. Hallelujah. More about Deanna here.

Tell us more about the meal plans! 

The meal plans are gluten free, dairy free and soy free. They are done in a mix and match fashion. We ask you intuitively pick any breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 1-3 snacks your body says it wants each day.  There is one recipe that requires eggs and wouldn’t turn out well with a substitute.  There are several recipes that are vegan. You can easily add your favorite protein or convert the rest of the recipes to be veg. We offer many options and flexibility, as it’s our goal to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle, not be a slave to a boring tasteless diet. Additionally, most of the recipes are 30 minutes and under as well as easily doubled or tripled as to eat on for a few days. We have also included drinks and desserts in this plan (life’s too short!)

If you are on the WAP pre-conception diet, you would simply add your extra fats and proteins into the plan with little effort.

We do not feel this food program is an ideal fit if you’re currently following a strict paleo diet.

What kind of equipment do I need for the workout program?

Ideally a pair or dumbbells. You may start the exercise program using your own body weight and soup cans, but eventually, as you get stronger you will want some kind of weight. You can use larger water bottles or gallon jugs filled with water or sand if you do not want to purchase dumbbells.

Is it too late to join? 
NO!! The program is one designed to help you build and maintain your best health and physique and is a great resource to have in your healthy toolkit any time of the year. And at only $29 it’s easy add it into your pool of resources!!

Healthy Bod Squad Member Photo of the Week: (complete with poem <3 )

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Bikini Body by Summer 101 //

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