Tight Tummy Thursday Part II

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As promised, this week RNL brings you the tight tummy workout and our very special announcement.

Summertime will be here before you know it! Kick start your firm abs with this heart pumping, tight tummy workout.  This ab circuit keeps your heart rate up to help burn fat while focusing on abdominal strength movements. You will be rocking that two piece bikini and crop top in no time!

Tight Tummy Thursday

Watch the video below or scroll past for exact tight tummy workout instructions.

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Written  Tight Tummy Workout Instructions:

Complete the circuit 3 times with as little rest as possiblein between sets. If you’re feeling really tired, it’s okay to take a quick rest.  Just get back to the exercise as quickly as possible when you are ready.

Complete 2-3 times per week on non-consecutive days.


Straight Arm/Leg Crunch-25 reps

Cross Body Mountain Climbers-30 reps

Flutter Kicks-30 reps

Sideways Moving Plank-15 reps


Straight Arm/Leg Crunch

Begin by laying on your back on the ground.  Your legs should be straight and your arms extended behind your head.

To perform the movement, bring your arms up over your chest and lift your shoulders off the mat to a crunch while raising your legs until they’re perpendicular to the floor.

Lower your body back to the starting position.


Cross Body Mountain Climbers

Assume a pushup position with your arms completely straight.

Bring your right knee toward your opposite (left) elbow. Then bring your left knee toward your right elbow while extending your right leg back.

Alternate back and forth.

One on both sides totals one repetition.


Flutter Kicks

Lie down with your back pressed against the floor.  Your arms should be fully extended to the sides with palms facing down.

With a slight bend at the knees, lift your legs up so that your heels are about 6 inches off the ground.

Now lift your left leg up to about a 45 degree angle while your right leg is lowered until the heel is about 2-3 inches from the ground.

Switch movements by raising your right leg up and lowering your left leg.

One on both sides totals one repetition.

Modification:  Put your hands under your butt to take pressure off your lower back.  Shoulders can be on or off the ground.


Sideways Moving Plank

Start to get in a pushup position, but bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms instead of your hands.

Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your elbows.

Brace your core by contracting your abs.

Move one side of your body, forearm and foot, followed by the other side.

Repeat in the other direction.

One on both sides totals one repetition.

Variation 1: Move forward and back in addition to side to side.

Variation 2: Have your elbows straight with hands on ground. Just like the start of a push-up position.

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