A Little Skin Magic… (Special Guest Post)

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This month’s ingredient spotlight takes a closer look at a fabulous little plant mother nature has given us. Meet Alchemilla vulgaris otherwise known as lady’s mantle. Now don’t let the demure name fool you.
This fierce little herb isn’t of the skittish variety as it is often found in altitudes as high as 3600 feet in the Scotch Highlands.
Lady’s Mantle is one of the many active ingredients found in the certified gluten- free Raw Honey and Vitamin C creme as well as the Purify Mask. It is rich in skin protecting antioxidant flavenoids and astringent tannins. What does that mean for our beautiful skin? Will get to that shortly, but first let’s delve a little into lady’s mantle lore: The genus “Alchemilla comes from the Arabic Alchemy meaning “little magical one”. (Ok, that’s also a fact, but it sets the stage!)
Now on to the lore…

In ancient times it was believed that Alchemilla vulgaris leaves imparted magic on the drops of water that rested in it’s deeply furrowed leaves. These ‘magical’ dewdrops (which are actually the watery secretion from the leaves) were collected and used in mystical youth potions and used as lotion. During the Renaissance, Lady’s Mantle was held sacred in Iceland and maintained a reputation for prolonging and restoring womens’ beauty.
Lady’s Mantle was first associated with the worship of the Earth Mother, but as Christianity spread, and like many pagan symbols before it, it was absorbed and eventually became associated with the Virgin Mary.

Flash forward a few centuries and we still revere Lady’s Mantle for it’s healing and moisturizing capabilities. Rich in antioxidant flavonoids and astringent tannins Lady’s Mantle possesses excellent tissue firming properties and was once recognized as one of the best known wound healing herbs.
Lady’s Mantle contains natural traces of salicylic acid, a naturally occurring anti-irritant, and Beta Hydroxy Acid which exfoliates the skin at the surface and within the pores, addressing many of the systemic causes of blemishes.
A fabulous natural ingredient that addresses mature skin and blemish prone skin. Here’s to gorgeous skin…and a little magic!

“In some mysterious way woods have never seemed to me to be static things. In physical terms, I move through them; yet in metaphysical ones, they seem to move through me.” ~ John Fowles
When not writing about luscious herbal ingredients Birgit can be found in her workshop creating fabulous skincare.
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