Why You Should Plan on NOT Dieting in the New Year

Why You Should Plan on NOT Dieting in the New Year // realnutritiousliving.com
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I realize that the New Year’s diet resolution is as fundamental as paying taxes and dying, but I’m here to say don’t do it!!! Not this year. And here’s why: 

1. The anticipation of food restriction sets us up for binge-type eating over the holidays: It’s that whole idea of I’m never going to eat cookies (or insert your favorite food) again, so I may as well eat as much as I can now! We’ve all been there. I have admittedly eaten half a pie due to this type of thinking. Get those negative, restrictive thoughts out of your mind and prevent overeating and keep your focus on your family, friends, and spirituality.

2. Restrictive diets don’t work in the long run: It’s funny how we keep setting the New Year’s diet resolution, yet time and time again, it does not work. These types of “diets” slow metabolism, increase anxiety and depression, make binge-eating more likely, and keep our minds preoccupied with food, as well as typically make us gain back the weight.

What can we do now that will lead to a successful New Year?

1. Focus on weight maintenance versus weight loss: Most people gain weight during the holidays, so maintaining is a huge success. Depending on your circumstances, the holidays may not be an ideal time for weight loss. It’s important to keep goals realistic so we do not set ourselves up for failure.

2. Be physically active each day: The holidays often throw us off our routines, but exercise needs to be mandatory. Schedule it on your calendar as if it’s a meeting with your boss and stick to it or grab a family member as an accountability partner and get out and walk or jog together. Exercise will relieve stress (and we’re all stressed), help to regulate your appetite, and ultimately help burn off some of those extra holiday calories. You know you will thank yourself for it later!!

3. Stay Hydrated: It is very easy to mistake hunger for thirst, which makes us much more vulnerable to succumb to those tasty holiday treats we have lying around. It is also very dry outside, but because it’s not hot, we often don’t think about hydrating the way we would in the summer months. We are also very busy and it can slip our minds, so carry a reusable aluminum water bottle with you at all times as your constant reminder to hydrate. Remember water is your number one weight loss mechanism!!!

4. Maintain perspective: Food is a big part of the season, but it does not have to be the main focus. It’s important we remember balance and moderation. We also need to give ourselves permission to overeat or have some treats once in awhile. Overeating a time or two throughout the holidays will not make or break our eating plans or cause us to gain weight. If you do overindulge, put it behind you. Trust yourself to go back to your regular eating plan without guilt, depression, and despair.

Remember what truly feeds us are open and honest relationships, exercise, spirituality, and creative outlets. Feed yourself an abundance of these things this holiday season to stay balanced and get the most out of the season.

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Why You Should Plan on NOT Dieting in the New Year // realnutritiousliving.com

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Author: Melissa Schollaert

I'm Melissa—Holistic Health Coach & loving mama. My passion is to help others thrive through strategic eating (not dieting), living a toxic free life & creating healthier families.

28 thoughts on “Why You Should Plan on NOT Dieting in the New Year”

  1. I love #2. There’s nothing like increasing one’s activity for becoming more at peace with one’s body. We are too sedentary of a culture. Sometimes we need to rest, if we’re really run down, but otherwise, it’s often time to get outside and move a bit more. Thanks for your perspective!

  2. Such a great message! I stopped making New Year goals with specific physical goals because they were doing more harm than good for my mental health. I make intentions now such as: go to sleep earlier, meditate more, and much more attainable things that won’t get me down if I don’t fulfill them.

  3. Such a healthy, balanced perspective! It is hard not to get down on yourself for not doing all the diets everyone else is doing, but just plain healthy eating and moving really does do the trick!

  4. Very interesting read! I didn’t go for a diet this year, but last year I just decided I wanted to be more aware with what I was eating – so I put myself on a ‘keep track of what I’m eating’ diet and it definitely helped just being aware – I lost 10 lbs! 😀

    1. That’s amazing! Dieting and awareness are very different. I think we need to listen to our bodies and adjust accordingly!

  5. So many awesome points, and I’ve never went on a diet in the New Year because I’ve always found it to be counter productive for me to put off to a certain date change I want to make, so I prefer to make change regularly throughout the year!

  6. I’m all about this. Restrictive diets are not my favorite thing. You’ve listed so many helpful reminders, I especially appreciate the staying hydrated and making sure we’re more active.

    1. Thank you Katja! I am always working on moving more, although it’s quite easy these days with a toddler 😉

  7. Totally agree with you ! It’s better to have long term perspective (eat better, sleep better, be happier) and make it become good habits gradually than setting a goal and not able to carry it through and feel bad about selves.

    1. Yes, it’s so easy to set unrealistic goals (or for life just to happen) and we end up beating ourselves up. It’s a vicious cycle!

  8. But dieting is such fun! 😉 I’m enjoying the Whole30 at the moment, but I wouldn’t call it a “diet”. Love the point you make in this post.

    1. Oh I am glad you’re liking it! I’ve never done it, and probably won’t but I do enjoy Whole 3o friendly meals regularly!

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