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All Natural Sleep Tips //
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Happy Thursday friends! We’ve had some fun in the RNL offices this week, including some great questions on Instagram (are you following RNL yet?) So we wanted to do a Q&A Thursday complete with video answer to selected question (all natural sleep tips!) We appreciate anyone who asked a question and we hope you’ll keep them coming so we can keep this Q&A Thursday going!!

@leesocratez78 wrote in, “We’ve talked already a little about my crazy sleep pattern..”(He’s a faithful RNL follower.)”But, what are a couple new tricks to help me sleep naturally. Shut down my brain at the end of the night?”

@leesocratez78 and anyone who has trouble sleeping, here’s the answer to your questions:



One third of Americans have trouble sleeping, according to the Mayo Clinic.

If you use melatonin, I recommend not more than 1-2 weeks max (1-3 mg) under the tongue short-term is fine. For kids, I recommend organic tart cherry juice, not from concentrate.

To shut down the brain, my clients have had immense success with  Valerian root or Revitalizing sleep formula. Take 2-3 (depending on how much is on your mind, 45-60 minutes before bed). One to two bottles typically do the trick but you can keep some around for those occasional sleepless nights.

If you consistently wake up between 1-4 am and cannot fall right back asleep, it’s likely a blood sugar response. Make sure you’re getting your 1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon daily and watch starch as well as alcohol in the evening. Give dinner three full hours to clear before heading to bed. You can take phosphatidylserine an hour before bedtime, while working to balance blood sugar.

It’s important to cut caffeine afternoon if you don’t sleep well and create a bedtime ritual. We have beauty rituals, workout rituals, Monday night football rituals, holiday rituals….why wouldn’t our sleep, the foundation of great health, be the same?? I recommend no electronics 30-60 minutes before bed. Find another way to relax. Use a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow. It is very calming and will help you fall asleep more quickly.

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All Natural Sleep Tips //

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  1. I just found read that Dr. Hulda Clark recommends taking L-ornithine for busy minds at bedtime. I looked it up & it’s apparently good for a lot of conditions. I couldn’t find any info with issues such as toxicity or interactions with medicines.

  2. LOVED this video! Thank you for the information. I loved the part about technology before bed. I already read not to partake while IN bed, but learning to shut it down and give your brain time to relax before actually getting into bed is even better. I will definitely take that tip to my pillow! Thanks, Melissa!

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