Top 5 Tips to Recover from a Cold

Top 5 Tips to Recover from a Cold //
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We’ve all been there. You go to bed with a tinge of a sore throat and wake up with a nasty full-blown cold. That’s what happened to me this week. Actually, I’m typing this in bed because I’ve received so many texts and emails from sick folks 🙁 So here are my top tips to recover from a cold. 

Secret #1: Go Back to Bed and Delegate Authority 

First, I want to acknowledge this is not always possible for everyone. But when you can, cancel your morning or your entire day (maybe you’re lucky enough to have Grandma babysit?) and go back to bed. Sleep is always your #1 defense for kicking any illness.

As a woman, we aren’t used to asking for help, but let the hubby make you some chicken soup, or the kids help with cleaning up. Have a family movie night mid-week so you can get some extra rest. You’re your best for everyone else when you’re well. So get creative, delegate some authority so you can rest and heal up more quickly! #backtobed

Secret #2: Drink Hot Lemon Water

Drinking hot water will keep the lymph moving and help you flush the bodies invaders more quickly. (Read more on the lymph here.)

The lemon will fight inflammation and help you feel better. Plus, it’s a nice hit of vitamin C.

I also like to add 1-2 drops ginger essential oil and sprinkle with turmeric to each cup to fight inflammation, boost antioxidants, and support my immunity. Ginger has been found to activate T-cells, according to the 2008 “BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.” T-cells are an important part of the immune system. They are a group of white blood cells capable of destroying cells infected by the virus as well as tumor cells. Therefore, ginger supports the body’s natural defense against disease.

Don’t sweat the suggested extras. Plain hot water will work wonders!

Secret #3 Use Herbs to Get Well

My favorite is Source Naturals Wellness Formula. Source Naturals Wellness Formula is what I always have my clients take at the first sign of getting sick. The blend of ingredients found in this supplement help boost immune function to assist your body in warding off sickness much more quickly. A few of the ingredients found in Wellness Formula known to boost immune function are garlic, elderberry fruit extract, olive leaf extract, and propolis extract. This is a great product to take at the onset of a cold, before taking a flight, or if you are around others who are sick. Sometimes our immune systems need a bit of a boost.

This is a major medicine cabinet upgrade. I’m never sick for more than a day or two thanks to this formula and it’s far less severe than before I found this life saver.

Be sure to take every 2-3 hours and double the first couple of doses.

Secret #4 Drink Your Broth

Bone broth that is. Truthfully, I am not great with DIY of any kind. I do my best to use broth regularly, but when I’m sick, this is one of the first things I do myself or a chore I delegate.

Sick and in a pinch? Simply do this: grab your crock or instant pot, add organic chicken bones, 2 T apple cider vinegar and any veggies you have around (think carrots, onions, celery, garlic), kombu and organic eggshells (if you have them), any spices (turmeric, ginger, bay leaf, parsley) add salt and pepper, and top with filtered water. Crank that baby up and simmer as long as you can. 24 hours is ideal, but even a few hours will provide a mineral rich, immune boosting broth. Just scoop some out, and replace with more water and continue to simmer. You’ll be all set.

For a post with all the benefits and full recipe click here.

Secret #5 Eat Your Medicine

Mushrooms have an amazing immune boosting function. Don’t worry about what kind. Just eat them (more info here).

To break up mucus, use daikon radish, red radishes, chives, and leeks. Aim for 1/4-1 cup a day.

And I love this remedy for PMS, post-workout and for colds: matchstick a 1-2 inch knuckle of fresh ginger, add 1 tsp raw honey, sprinkles of cinnamon and 1 T fresh lemon juice. Eat in small bites through the day.

(Adapted from reiki practitioner Sharna at


Eat probiotic-rich foods like raw kraut or drink kombucha to help dry mucus up.  Take probiotics 2-3 times daily to clear a cold more quickly.

Steer clear or sugar, alcohol, and dairy.

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Get well soon friends~~ It’s back to bed for me!

What’s your favorite secret to recovering from a cold? Please share it below! 

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Top 5 Tips to Recover from a Cold //

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  1. OMgosh!

    This year mushrooms have really saved me, especially the cinnamon spray by Host Defense. Without that stuff I would still be in bed having fever dreams and coughing myself awake at night.

    You have some great tips here, keep up the great posts 😀

    <3 Tash

    1. Thanks so much Tash. Wow, that is most interesting. My favorite mushrooms are Matrix Immune complex, but they do have to be steeped (like tea) for effectiveness.

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