To or Not to Agave…That is the Question

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So agave nectar has become a very popular, and controversial sweetener. Keeping an open mind and remembering that there will always be  contending arguments and opinions with regard to nutrition, I’ve done a little research and here’s what I’ve come up with!

I want to preface what I am about to write with, this is MY opinion. I’m going to include some noteworthy articles and want you to form your own conclusion!!

Here goes. I am not a big fan of agave. Here’s why:

1. It makes me feel pretty lousy

2. I like stevia the best for blood sugar balance and my clients watching their weight.

3. I think organic raw local honey is far more nutritive (as is organic maple syrup, and brown rice syrup)

Now I enjoy Larry and Luna’s Coconut Bliss ice cream and Gnosis Chocolate, which are both agave sweetened and I have no intention of giving them up! I also have agave for use as syrup when we’ve been on a tight budget and would again, if necessary.

Here is a great article against agave

Here’s a great pro agave article

What are your thoughts?? Will you keep using your agave??

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Melissa Schollaert is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor and founder of Real Nutritious Living. Helping others achieve their health goals to attain their healthiest, happiest life is her greatest ambition.

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I'm Melissa—Holistic Health Coach & loving mama. My passion is to help others thrive through strategic eating (not dieting), living a toxic free life & creating healthier families.

2 thoughts on “To or Not to Agave…That is the Question”

  1. I try to steer clear from agave as well & when baking I typically stick with maple syrup or raw honey. With that said, I am not against eating something if it has agave in it already. What I really dislike is stevia, I know it’s a great alternative but the taste just erks me!

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