Healthy Food for Busy People

Healthy Food for Busy People //
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Can I be real with you in this post? Has anyone else reading this had a child and found themselves trying to figure out how to get back to “normal?”

In search of finding my new norm post-baby, I literally wrote out a plan. I would have work, parenting, exercise, meal planning, and cooking in perfect order by the time my kid hit six months old… okay, maybe a year.

If you know me at all, this is laughable. Now that I have a kid, I must now to become an incredibly fit, supermomming chef? And the fact that I wrote it down. Hahaha! Goodness, can we get this mama some sleep?!

Fast forward to my kid being well past a year old and I’m still trying to figure out my new norm. The fact that I’m wearing pants while typing this post makes me feel pretty good, considering there are days that showering can still be a challenge.

I’ll be real honest with you. I have an incredibly difficult time being productive at work, parenting, keeping up with my house, not to mention making, not only a healthy dinner,  but breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nope! No Pinterest or Instagram worthy meals on a regular basis over here.

And don’t even get me started on the fact that I now have a toddler to keep well-nourished (umm, because that’s super easy!).

Here’s the deal…

As much as I am not a supermom, I refuse to sacrifice when it comes to feeding my family healthy, nourishing food. That’s not to say we never grab a burger, but 90% of what my family eats needs to be nutritious. At the same time, what’s a sleep-deprived mama to do?


While I can’t have someone else nurse my babe or do my work for me, I can have someone help me with my meal prep. About outsourcing those workouts, do let me know if you come up with a way to outsource that one!

But seriously, in an effort to not die (#kiddingnotkidding), I had to enlist some help.

I bit the bullet and ordered some meals from Model Meals. They are a Whole30, paleo, organic, locally-sourced, meal delivery service providing delectable pre-made meals to the Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Areas.

They come in eco-friendly packaging that is even oven safe, with all ingredients labeled.

I spend a lot of my Sundays meal prepping lunches, so being able to open my fridge and grab something different made with wholesome ingredients each day was such a treat.

But the time it saved me shopping was also a serious bonus! For once, I actually got to enjoy an entire Sunday with my family.

My toddler eats exactly what we eat, without exception. Because I am a big eater, most days I would add a bit of avocado and raw sauerkraut to our shared Model Meals dish. We both loved and finished all of every meal. It was so comforting to know that we were both eating high-quality foods without the fuss. The simplicity left us with more time for play <3

Dishes we had included:

  • Chicken basil meatballs with zoodles
  • Short rib tacos on celery root tortillas
  • Lamb burger with Mediterranean tabbouleh
  • Chinese chicken salad
  • Vegan zucchini lasagna

Oh and y’all… Snacks! Did I mention snacks? They have cold-pressed organic juice, bars, but my favorite was the Big ol Bacon Bitties (#whatdreamsaremadeof).

There were some vegan options, which as an avid flexitarian, I appreciated.

If I had to answer what my favorite dish was, I would say all of them. Each meal was spot on. They were all flavorful with zero monotony. I can’t wait to order next week’s meals!

Are you ready to save some time and eat like a Queen? Click here and save $25 off your first order with Model Meals! 

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Healthy Food for Busy People //

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28 thoughts on “Healthy Food for Busy People”

  1. I can so relate! Some days I feel like just being able to get a proper shower is an accomplishment, lol. What a great service for moms that want to eat healthily but have crazy life and schedule.

  2. Outsourcing can be so helpful sometimes! I’ve heard good things about Model Meals from one other person, I’m glad to hear you like them too.

  3. I saw them on the Whole30 page. Very cool. I love that more and more quality meal services are popping up! Tides are changing!

  4. All of these meal look incredible, and I’m always looking for healthy food solutions for those extra crazy busy weeks! I also prep lunches on Sunday afternoons, lunches are always the first thing to go by the wayside for us, so prepping makes all the difference for sure!

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