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Ever wonder what someone else eats?? I do, and thought you may too. Here’s my most recent menu:



This Raw Cereal Shake is one of my go to favorite’s when it’s hot out and I have a busy morning. It has a perfect ratio of healthy fats, carbs and protein and really keep me going all morning. That said, I’m not much of a morning snacker.  I usually always have some yerba mate, other green tea or Teeccino too!


I had just a few of my favorite leftovers in the fridge. My Coconut Kale and Quinoa with Tropical Pesto.  I only had a tiny bit left, so I wrapped it in a brown rice tortilla (I like these)

brown rice wrap

Afternoon Snack

Now this I NEVER skip!! I always have some healthy protein and fat around this time of the day to keep my adrenals strong! Much of the time I will have 1/2  a smoothie or a juice with nuts.  Today was 1 brown rice cake with smashed avocado and Celtic sea salt.

brown rice cake avocado


photo 3 (1)

I love easy dinners. That said I will do some mock fish rolls a time or two a week, because my family loves them and they are so fast and easy!! You can really put anything , including fish in these rolls, just keep it colorful.

I typically don’t snack after dinner, but if  I do, it’s a couple bites (yes, I am a BIG eater, but it’s literally a couple of bites, because more than that upsets my sleep) of something with some protein and healthy fat.  Even something like a sliver of Flour-less Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie will do!

Reader Feedback:

What are YOU eating this week??

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