Paleo Sweet Potato Rounds

Paleo Sweet Potato Rounds //
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I’m so excited for Thanksgiving! And I’m thankful for this delicious guest post from my sweet friend Nancy over at Approaching Paleo. We met over on Insta and let me tell you, her page is full of drool-worthy deliciousness. She’s one of those genuinely sweet yet inspiring bloggers you just have to follow and love. Today, she’s sharing her Paleo Sweet Potato Rounds Recipe just in time for the holidays…

This recipe is the ideal Thanksgiving appetizer or a snack.  It has the perfect mix of carbs, fat, and protein to keep you full.  It’s also low sugar and Whole30-friendly. Feel free to substitute nut butter or tahini for the dairy-free cream cheese. Most importantly….enjoy!

Paleo Sweet Potato Rounds

Serves 2 | Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo


  • 1 organic sweet potato
  • 4 oz dairy-free cream cheese or dairy-free Greek yogurt (I used Kite Hill Plain Unsweetened Greek-style yogurt)
  • 2 tbsp pomegranate seeds
  • 2 tbsp Sunfood pumpkin seeds
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon
  • A sprinkle of Sunfood pink Himalayan sea salt
  • Optional: a drizzle of 100% pure maple syrup


  1. Wash and dry the sweet potato and cut into rounds.
  2. For quick steaming: Place the rounds onto a microwave-safe plate and cover with a tablespoon of water and another plate and microwave for 1 minute 45 seconds, or until soft.
  3. For roasting: Place the rounds into a baking pan and roast at 375 degrees F for about 30 minutes or until golden. You can add coconut oil if you wish.
  4. Top with the dairy-free yogurt/cream cheese, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, and spices.
  5. For added sweetness, add a drizzle of maple syrup and enjoy!

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Paleo Sweet Potato Rounds //

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Nancy is a Paleo-ish wellness blogger focused on helping people lead a happier lifestyle through transforming their health, fitness, and mindset in a realistic manner. She’s also a yoga enthusiast, boxing instructor, and personal trainer. You can usually find her with a smoothie bowl in one hand and some form of avocado in the other.

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