Is Being a Beautycounter Consultant Worth it?

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Is being a Beautycounter consultant worth it? In this post I will give you an honest review of what its like to be a Beautycounter consultant, if you can make money being a Beautycounter consultant, how much the average consultant makes, and an overview of the compensation plan.

What is a Beautycounter consultant?

A Beautycounter consultant is someone who shares safer, high performing products and gets paid for doing so. It’s a way to make money while making a difference and get a discount on some great products in the process. It’s also a lot of fun!

Why does it cost $98 to sign up?

This fee helps cover the cost of a beautifully designed personal website, the amazing customer service and marketing headquarters provides as well as some serious swag. You get two full sized products Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion ($49 value) and a Sheer Lipstick ($32 value) along with a cute bag and other marketing materials.

Are there minimum requirements?

You are required to move $1200 in product every six months. This includes your own purchases and purchases from your clients. Most consultants on our team hit it within the first couple months. I love mentoring my team and work to find what works for my consultants so they can find what works for their business, goal and lifestyle so they far exceed the minimum.

What happens if I don’t hit the minimum requirement?

Nothing really! You do lose the consultant discount perk, but become what is called a Band of Beauty member. This means you can still earn free shipping, product credit and are privy to special offers.
Is being a Beautycounter consultant worth it?

How will I be able to hit those minimums?

With my coaching, I will create a plan that works within your lifestyle and goals to more than move $1200 every six months! I love working closely with my team each step of the way, so minimums are never an issue!

I am not a makeup artist (esthetitan, etc.) so how can I help people select products for their skin?

Beautycounter provides amazing education and training available to you anytime. Our team is pretty amazing and has very special resources as well. With time it gets easier, believe me, I had the same concern.
And this is why choosing the right mentor is so important. As your mentor, that’s what we’re here for – to help you if you get stuck or have questions and ensure your success.

I’m not good at sales and I don’t want to annoy people.

Then don’t. Seriously. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want someone to do to you. Provide education as well as honest recommendations. For example, I don’t try to sell products I don’t use or love (yeah, with over 100 products, you won’t use everything!) I am very honest and share what I use and love, but if I don’t use and love a product, I am honest. I simply say, I don’t personally use that, but I am happy to tell you what I do know about that product in the event it’s right for your skin.
If you go to a great movie or find a fabulous new restaurant, you share it with your friends, right. This is the same thing, except you get paid.

Is this one of those pyramid schemes? (Yuck MLM)

Yes, it is. But here’s the deal. I make 5-9% of anyone who signs up under me. I make 25-35% of my own sales, so I make way more by working my personal business. Beautycounter has designed their compensation plan that way so you don’t have a person at the top doing nothing, but making a big paycheck.
Yes, I am rewarded for being a great mentor who invests in my team. Unlike a corporate job where some person at the top makes more when I work hard or put in extra hours, I am rewarded for my efforts. This seems more fair to me! And to be honest, I really, really love watching my consultants grow and improve their business. It’s so fun helping them find what works and seeing them get excited when sales come in and they meet their goals.
Another thing to keep in mind is Beautycounter is a certified B- Corporation, a very difficult certification to get. Other companies that have earned that recognition include: Seventh Generation, Patagonia, Athleta, Apolis and Eileen Fisher. This certification means people and the planet come before their profits and is a very special and small distinction.
How Beautycounter is different from other direct sales companies
There are a few differences off the top of my head:
  • We have no auto-ship for consultants, customers or members.
  • No monthly minimums for consultants.
  • Customers can shop through any consultant or with none at all.
My favorite reason Beautycounter is different is the lengths they go to to provide safe AND high performing products to the consumer. People always come first and they won’t put anything to market that isn’t of premium department store quality, packaged beautifully and safe enough to put on a baby! They encourage consultants to put education before a sale, meaning, it’s more important we teach people how to choose safe products than sell, sell, sell- ick!

How much will I get paid?

You make 25-35% off of your own sales. The percentage you make increases with your sales. The average Beautycounter order is $150 so you can see how it adds up pretty quickly! You also get 5-9% of anyone who joins your teams sales and there are fun bonuses and periodic incentives too!

Do I get a discount?

Yes, you get a 25% discount as a consultant and 4 times per year we are eligible for free and half off products. We also get 40-45% off kits when we join and off of pre-sales throughout the year.

Do you actually like being a consultant?

I LOVE being a consultant.  It is so fun helping people pick products that improve their skin and make them feel beautiful and better about themselves. I love knowing I am making a positive impact in someones health when they start using cleaner products.
What I love the most? I was able to hire an assistant and pass off tasks I hated doing. I also felt really guilty about giving up my volunteer work when I had a baby and with this business, I am making a positive social impact and my family sees me doing so- WIN!

I’m an influencer (blogger) and already work with other affiliates. How is Beautycounter any different?

Beautycounter is like an affiliate on steroids! The shopping experience doesn’t feel like direct sales for the blog reader, but as the consultant, we have the advantage of the shopper being tethered to us and making a commission on all of their future orders. And the reorder rate is HIGH!
Is there anything you don’t like about working with Beautycounter?
No way! I work with the best women and now have access to the network of like-minded, health-conscious and driven women. This has been the biggest unexpected benefit of being a consultant for me. Women that I’ve admired for years are now some of my dearest friends!
I hope this is helping answer, is being a Beautycounter consultant worth it….YES!

How can I learn more?

Shoot me an email or comment below. You can also learn more here.
I like the mission, but don’t want to be a consultant. Is there another way I can get involved?


Become a customer and start swapping out your beauty products and cosmetics to safe, non-toxic versions from Beautycounter. Vote with your dollars and support companies that are working hard to change the beauty industry!


When you become a member, you receive a free full size product, 15% credit back on all purchases, are eligible for free shipping and early access to special events, etc throughout the year. Think of this as a Nordstrom like rewards program. No auto-ship, no month;y requirements to buy. Simply perks for shopping as you normally would.
3. Host A Pop-up?
Want to enjoy FREE and 50% off products? I’d love to share our products with you and your friends at a very casual get together! Think yoga pants, wine and great conversation!  And if you aren’t local to San Diego, we can do it online. I promise to make it fun!! Simply comment below or email me here!
I’m so excited you took the time to learn if being a Beautycounter consultant is worth it. We think so and hope you will consider joining our movement, or at least spoiling yourself with some great products!
To chat more about anything above email me: melissa at realnutritiousliving dot com or click here.
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