New Year, New You!

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It’s that time of the year again. Time to drop the holiday weight, pick up the energy and get that skin glowing again. RNL has you covered. Read on and get your tasty detox recipe! Continue reading “New Year, New You!”

Healthy Holiday Series

With the holidays rapidly approaching we at RNL have decided to dedicate the next couple months to all things holiday in hopes of helping you have the most successful holiday season yet. The plan is quick easy tips, you can easily implement to be successful this holiday season. Here’s post #1

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Detox Bath to Brighten Your Winter Mood

One of the most profound shifts we make with clients is when they start investing in themselves by spending some time on themselves each day.

One of the most popular de-stress techniques is taking a nice long relaxing detox bath. Because we’re typically also filling in deficiencies and re-balancing the system, I like the bath to be functional and healing for the body, as well as relaxing. Continue reading “Detox Bath to Brighten Your Winter Mood”

Plan Now to NOT Get Sick this Winter

We all know that feeling that can creep up out of nowhere, especially as the seasons change and the colder weather is upon us! Here are some of my favorite things we can do with food to stay healthy all year long.

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Is Almond Milk Harmful? (+ easy recipe)

As an in the now RNL reader, I know that you know limiting dairy can be a good idea for many of us. We know there are environmental and health reasons to cut it out.  Like many who are dairy free, you may have switched to almond milk in an effort to support your very best health. Read on to see why almond milk may be harmful and find out easy solutions to keep supporting your best health.

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Why Caffeine May Be Harming Your Health Goals

At this point, I believe coffee has become the drink of the Gods in America. Many of us may as well have an IV flowing with the dark goodness right into our veins! We all want more energy and vitality; however caffeine greatly inhibits our ability to do so. Here’s why.  Continue reading “Why Caffeine May Be Harming Your Health Goals”

Could Toxins Be Affecting Your Weight Loss?

Many people come to RNL to lose weight. I’d say over half, and that may be an underestimate. Every once in awhile we’ve come across a client that is extremely challenging to get the needle to move. That’s when we research, research and then do some more research. Here’s what we found. (Check out our original publication on Elephant Journal here)

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This Is Your Body On Meditation

At this point meditation is something we’ve all heard of.  And we know it’s not just for Buddhist monks or yogi’s, but may benefit students, stressed out Mom’s and business men. It’s becoming well known what meditation can do for our minds, but what about our bodies?? Continue reading “This Is Your Body On Meditation”

Think Your Beauty Products are REALLY Safe?

Have you ever stopped to think about what’s in that pink lotion, purple spray, green eye shadow, and red lipstick??  These things are all legal, but you may be surprised at what you find when you become a detective and find out what’s REALLY in your beauty products and the side effects they may cause. (It’s flat out scary!) Continue reading “Think Your Beauty Products are REALLY Safe?”