Is Your New Year’s Resolution Going To Work This Year? (YES!)

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It’s the new year! And we all know what that means… Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions!

Yes, just like you, we are all guilty of making resolutions that we just can’t keep. So as I was contemplating mine, I found myself in need of a little motivation so I started to look through the journal of quotes I started keeping last year.

And while shuffling through them I realized that maybe, just maybe, the key to making good on all of our resolutions lay right in front of me! Continue reading “Is Your New Year’s Resolution Going To Work This Year? (YES!)”

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before the End of the Year

Do you have an end of the year ritual? A time to reflect on the past year and set some intention for what’s to come? Whether your answer is yes, or no, I’ve created a few questions that may help you end this year with a bang and bring in the new one better than you could have imagined. Continue reading “10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before the End of the Year”

How to Get Through Tough Days

We’ve all been there, bad mood, bad day, maybe bad month or even a bad year. I recently had a couple of hard weeks. They were just BAD!!! Here’s how I get through. Maybe it’ll help you the next time you’re feeling a bit low.

Continue reading “How to Get Through Tough Days”

I Went To my High School Reunion and It Didn’t Kill Me

I recently attended my High School Reunion and guess what it did NOT kill me!! Amazing, I know. Here’s what you need to now before you go and why you need to go.  Continue reading “I Went To my High School Reunion and It Didn’t Kill Me”

This Is Your Body On Meditation

At this point meditation is something we’ve all heard of.  And we know it’s not just for Buddhist monks or yogi’s, but may benefit students, stressed out Mom’s and business men. It’s becoming well known what meditation can do for our minds, but what about our bodies?? Continue reading “This Is Your Body On Meditation”

Why You Should Be Eating Chocolate and Enjoying It

I love chocolate. Who doesn’t? But do you ever find that little voice in your head filling you with guilt and trying to talk you out of that heavenly chocolate indulgence? Well fret no more friends, below are clear health reasons to indulge, as well as some guidelines to keep it in check! Continue reading “Why You Should Be Eating Chocolate and Enjoying It”

A little time for you each day…..

Yesterday at the gym I noticed a gal behind me who during the entire fitness class was on her phone texting and on Facebook. It got me thinking about how precious our time for physical activity is. This time is likely the only time we have each day for ourselves. A time to breathe, clear our minds, relieve stress and renew focus. This time is truly a precious gift in the world we live in, but how can we make the most of it? Continue reading “A little time for you each day…..”

The Truth About Why You’re Boring…

I’m a happy thirty something, married, blessed by family, great friends, and work that is full of passion, but you know what,  I’m boring. I mean really, really boring. And you know what? I think you may be too.

Continue reading “The Truth About Why You’re Boring…”