Warm Green Bean and Potato Salad (with vegan option)

Summer calls for fresh green beans and this recipe is a perfect meal or side dish and the perfect way to use those green beans and potatoes from your CSA box! Continue reading “Warm Green Bean and Potato Salad (with vegan option)”

The Liver: Your Most Important Fat Burning Organ

According to many health care professionals, our liver is our most important organ. It’s responsible for over 500 different functions within our body. A healthy liver can define our longevity as well as the quality of our life (and maintaining a healthy weight). Continue reading “The Liver: Your Most Important Fat Burning Organ”

A Little Skin Magic… (Special Guest Post)

This month’s ingredient spotlight takes a closer look at a fabulous little plant mother nature has given us. Meet Alchemilla vulgaris otherwise known as lady’s mantle. Now don’t let the demure name fool you.
This fierce little herb isn’t of the skittish variety as it is often found in altitudes as high as 3600 feet in the Scotch Highlands.
Lady’s Mantle is one of the many active ingredients found in the certified gluten- free Raw Honey and Vitamin C creme as well as the Purify Mask. It is rich in skin protecting antioxidant flavenoids and astringent tannins. What does that mean for our beautiful skin? Continue reading “A Little Skin Magic… (Special Guest Post)”

Easy DIY Vitamin Water

Are you the type that just loves vitamin water or something other than plain water in the summer? I’ll admit, I used to go for the vitamin waters when I was run down and needed a boost….I just never felt much of a boost, that is until I stared making my own! It was cheaper, prettier and gave me the zip I  was looking for with just the right flavor (no sugary fruit punch taste here please.) Here is one of my favorite recipes. Continue reading “Easy DIY Vitamin Water”



By, La Tache Weir

I accepted a challenge from another blogging buddy to take last week and eat only raw meals. I had done it a bit earlier the week before and figured, why not? So I hopped on Pinterest and started searching for some raw recipes to fill up our meals. And if you know me, I would never concede to having just plain raw veggies for dinner – that’s no fun! Continue reading “#RawWeek2013”