Mood Balancing Maca Smoothie Recipe

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At RNL we love superfoods, especially Maca root. This is one of my favorite afternoon snacks when I need a lift. I think you’ll love this mood balancing maca smoothie recipe too! Continue reading “Mood Balancing Maca Smoothie Recipe”

Detox Bath to Brighten Your Winter Mood

One of the most profound shifts we make with clients is when they start investing in themselves by spending some time on themselves each day.

One of the most popular de-stress techniques is taking a nice long relaxing detox bath. Because we’re typically also filling in deficiencies and re-balancing the system, I like the bath to be functional and healing for the body, as well as relaxing. Continue reading “Detox Bath to Brighten Your Winter Mood”

Why Caffeine May Be Harming Your Health Goals

At this point, I believe coffee has become the drink of the Gods in America. Many of us may as well have an IV flowing with the dark goodness right into our veins! We all want more energy and vitality; however caffeine greatly inhibits our ability to do so. Here’s why.  Continue reading “Why Caffeine May Be Harming Your Health Goals”

Why You Should Be Eating Chocolate and Enjoying It

I love chocolate. Who doesn’t? But do you ever find that little voice in your head filling you with guilt and trying to talk you out of that heavenly chocolate indulgence? Well fret no more friends, below are clear health reasons to indulge, as well as some guidelines to keep it in check! Continue reading “Why You Should Be Eating Chocolate and Enjoying It”