Get Your Most Beautiful Hair with Coconut Oil

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Did you know you can have gorgeous hair without spending loads of money on fancy products or expensive salon treatments?? If you’d like to know how, read on!


Well first, it’s great to cook with coconut oil. From a beauty standpoint it is fantastic for boosting the thyroid. If your thyroid isn’t running spot on, the hair often thins or falls out. That said, aim for 2 teaspoons each day through cooking or melt 2 teaspoons of organic extra virgin unrefined coconut into hot water at night and drink it before bed. This will support GI and immune health, which indirectly assists the thyroid.

Next, we want to also apply coconut oil (I use this one for my hair and body) right on DRY hair. Your hair must be dry because once it’s wet, the oil won’t properly absorb. Saturate the hair really well with the oil. Just scoop out a glob and let it warm and melt in your hands a bit and coat the hair. Keep doing this until the hair is completely covered.  Don’t be afraid to give yourself a nice scalp massage. This will stimulate blood flow and circulation promoting growth. Then tie it up and get it out of your way for a bit. You may have some little bits in your hair, don’t stress it!

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Next you have two choices. You can apply some heat for about 10 minutes. Now, I’m not the type to sit still and hold a blow dryer for 10 minutes (you go girl if you’ve got this kind of patience and upper body strength!) You can simply leave the oil on the hair for about an hour. It will not drip or make a mess, so you really can easily get some things done around the house.  If you’re worried, just gently wrap the hair in a bandana or towel. After you give the oil an hour (or more) to penetrate just wash your hair like normal. Note: you may have to wash your hair twice to get all of the oil out. Pay close attention to the hair line when washing. It can kind of linger there if you’re not careful. I still condition, but I use a lighter conditioner. Your hair is going to feel so soft and amazing from the first time you try this.

Why coconut oil?

Well anything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream within 26 seconds. That said, we absolutely cannot put anything on our body that we could not literally eat.  Coconut oil is a great deep conditioner and is said to help the hair grow as well. Why are we not using beer or eggs or mayonnaise or any other old wives tale products?? Well coconut oil is the only thing that actually penetrates the hair follicle. That said all those other goodies are not as effective as coconut oil. The oil will penetrate the most porous hair, such as chemically treated hair. I do it once a week and have for about six months now. My hair is so much healthier than before.

Will you give the coconut oil hair mask a try this week? If you’ve already tried it do you have any tips or tricks to share with us?? Please comment below!

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Source: Journal of Cosmetic Science

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  1. Keep an eye out for cacao butter too! Also has sun protecting properties as well as deep nourishing. Smells a treat. Tip is to warm it slightly before applying. A trick I learned while living in the amazon with the families who collect cacao for us. ENJOY!

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