What’s all the coconut oil hype???

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Coconut oil is linked to reducing Alzheimer’s effects, is very sustainable at high heat, and tastes delicious. This naturally occurring saturated (yes, I said saturated) fat is said to boost metabolism, improve weight loss, keep the heart healthy, boost the immune system and boost thyroid.

This one is my favorite brand. It has saved us a lot of money and is the only brand I can literally eat right off of the spoon.

I buy a gallon and just fill up a glass jar as needed. It lasts forever and becomes a true bargain!

I would also strongly encourage the use of virgin oil (chemicals used to extract non-virgin oil are potentially dangerous, and better still, virgin organic, still quite reasonably priced.) Unrefined would be preferred for higher nutritional content, much better taste, and once again not undergo chemical processing. Refined is fine to keep as a moisturizer in the bathroom. This one smells incredible. I get compliments all the time on my “scent”  and it’s just the coconut oil!!

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