A Natural Approach to Skin Wellness

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We have all embarked on the health and wellness journey together by means of both visual and mechanical methods. Though some choose to only read wellness reports, others prefer practical approaches. It seems as though everywhere you turn there is a new method for treating skin issues. As a skin care educator, I have compiled some research on which treatments and therapies are both tried and true. With a tendency to look toward natural wellness, I hope the following will give you information to pursue your own skin excellence.

Please drink your 8-10 glasses of water daily! Why? Water removes toxins! If toxins linger in any organ, it can appear in visible signs on the body, face, back etc. Typically, a problem skin condition can be the result of a variety of factors related to: viruses, infection, or food allergies.

Exercise regularly! It not only speeds up your metabolism, but creates a balance for healthy skin as well. Metabolism is a process of conversion and change that includes moving toxins out of the body. The faster bacteria and toxins are moved out of the system, the sooner the skin will reflect this change.

Speaking of moving things through the system, Fiber is your friend! Fiber acts as a filter for removing toxins out of the liver and colon. These same types of toxins are responsible for conditions such as Acne. Flax seeds are a great source of fiber and easy to include in a daily diet. When eating fruits and veggies, go raw! Cooking can sometimes eliminate or decrease the nutritional value of certain foods.

Flax Seed Oil is very beneficial for many skin conditions due to its ability to bring down inflammation. Acne is a disease highly related inflammation. Flax seeds have Omega-3 fatty acids found within them. Due to the cancer fighting abilities of Flax, it may also be beneficial in skin cancer prevention. I highly recommend you conduct your own research to discover all the benefits of Flax Seeds and Oil.

A few interesting facts about signs of toxicity of the skin: I am trained in Chinese Face Mapping. Though I do not claim this to be 100% accurate, it will, at times, give insight into the body’s internal issues. Drug residues and waste in the liver can lead to sallow looking skin. Pollutants in the environment, stress and poor diet can lead to an uneven skin texture and acne. The above can lead to an increase in free radicals, which can destabilize cell membranes. Carbs, flour and sugar can lead to an increase of free radical activity. Anytime free radicals are set off, you can develop collagen and elastin degradation leading to sagging skin and wrinkles. Puffy eyes with dark circles are the nemesis of all women! Yes, this can be allergy related, but has also been known to be related to kidney function. Psoriasis, Eczema and Dermatitis can have links to poor digestion and allergies. If you have trouble healing, you could have nutritional deficiencies, such as a lack of Vitamin C or Zinc.

*Excessive oil production will sometimes show that the skin is extremely dehydrated, either from improper hydration or exfoliation.

*Post showering: Try to nourish the skin immediately, skin begins its dehydration after just a few minutes.

*A fun tip for my Rosacea clients. Keep those products cool! Leave your moisturizers in the fridge for a cooling effect for “hot redness” and ease of skin and capillary activity.

Common Herbs for Skin Care
With women there can be a large shift through life in hormonal imbalances. Hormonal Imbalances result in different types of skin problems. Herbs for treating Hormonal Imbalances include the following; Ginger, which is another detoxifier for colon and bowels. Lobelia moves oxygenized blood and can reduce cramping. Raspberry is a full spectrum herb that can be used to help balance hormonal fluctuations.

Evening Primrose is a species of wild flower with blossoms that open in the evening. It is known to treat a variety of conditions including respiratory tract infections, digestive issues and Acne. Oil extracted from the seeds of the plant are rich in Essential Fatty Acids such as linoleic and gamma-linolenic acids. Lack of EFA’s in the body can lead to Acne flare-ups. Evening Primrose Oil can be beneficial in reducing inflammation caused by Acne. It has been found to help women restore hormonal imbalances. Some benefits have been seen when used to treat problems like, eczema and psoriasis.

Milk Thistle is an herb that is used for a variety of conditions. I like recommending Milk Thistle to some clients because it is a demulcent agent that works to moisten mucous membranes and soothe kidney and bladder inflammation. This demulcent greatly softens and moistens even your largest organ, your skin. Clients with skin problems ranging from acneic conditions to severe eczema have reported a clearing of impactions and a reduction in inflammation and redness when treated with Milk Thistle. Major shifts in skin structure can often be seen, such as improvements in dry and cracked skin by increased moisture content. When skin is in a better state of health it portrays radiance, with a noticeable glow.

General Foods For Skin
Kelp, Alfalfa and Parsley: Kelp contains iron and iodine. These nutrients help with thyroid regulation, therefore warding off bacteria and germs. Alfalfa is an immune system booster using essential minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium. Parsley is high in A, B and C vitamins, which promote healthy bone, hair, and skin growth.

Salmon is rich in Omegas, Berries are a great source of antioxidants. Dark leafy greens contain iron. Walnuts and avocados provide a range of omegas and anti aging properties. Lastly, Vitamin C! I can’t stress “C” enough, both topically and internally. I also love the brand Amazing Grass they make a powder called “Super Green Food.” I had a client introduce me to this and I have never stopped using it. Super Green food packs a very powerful punch and comes in Berry or Chocolate flavor. I very much recommend you reading about its nutritional value content. Two of my top favorite ingredients in this are Chlorophyll and Spirulina. Spirulina contains 10x more Beta Carotene than carrots, 60% protein and includes 9 amino acids. This helps to treat many dry skin conditions including dry scalp. It is very rich in iron, which carries oxygen via red blood cells. Chlorophyll is an antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent with critical plant ingredients for skin. In one study conducted by the Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health, chlorophyll (chlorophyllin) was found to reduce DNA damage caused by exposure to aflatoxin, a powerful carcinogen. (The study results appear in the November 27, 2001 edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.) If you are looking for a very similar product to this that is flavorless, another one to look at is “Vitamineral Green.” It is 100% “Tru-ganic” and Vegan.

As a licensed professional I encourage you to find means of wellness in all aspects of your physical health. In many cases you can enhance the treatment that a clinician is providing for you. I have been a skin therapist for 5 years now with a background of 18 years in dentistry. I have studied the body and medicine for many years. It is my goal to educate my clients with the most up to date studies in skin wellness.

Jolie Budau has a vast background in medical skin care, working directly with doctors in her current skin therapy practice to achieve results and meet the needs of her clients. TO contact Jolie, call (760) 942-0914. Connect with her spa on Facebook as well https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nufaces-Day-Spa/148311965180959

When beginning a nutritional program, I highly recommend seeking medical advice and speaking with a board certified holistic health counselor or licensed nutritionist. You must always consider current medications your MD has prescribed for you, as well as contraindications of any supplements.

Melissa Schollaert is a Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor and founder of Real Nutritious Living. Helping others achieve their health goals to attain their healthiest, happiest life is her greatest ambition. 

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