How Auricular Acupuncture Can Benefit Your Health & Help You Meet Your Goals this Year

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Ok friends, this is a fun one! Who’s had acupuncture? Or maybe you’ve heard of it, but (like me) don’t really “get it” or know what it could do for you.

Well, we’re diving into the deep end with acupuncture 101 today and I’ll fill you in on my personal experience so you can decide if it’s right for you!

I discovered my dear friend Debbie several months ago after a rough couple weeks. I was sort of blah-I really hate the cold weather and it had just gotten pretty cold here. Additionally, I had just gotten over a bug going around and was just not my peppy energetic self. Anyway, long story short after 30 minutes of relaxing in her cool gravity chair (needles in place), I felt so relaxed. The next day I was up before my alarm and full of energy. At dinner with my husband, I noticed I was just so happy. His jokes were funnier and I just felt fabulous. The whites of my eyes were clear and bright (yes, I think her treatment stimulates and really helps my liver.) Lastly, but certainly not least, my appetite is far more level after acupuncture. Debbie also put these cool beads behind my ears that stay on key pressure points and help keep you in your zen place for 1-2 weeks after your session.

This treatment is definitely one I feel almost anyone could benefit from. It’s very affordable and such a nice way to treat yourself. Ok, so enough about me. Keep reading for all the cool science, history, and of course for how to get in touch with Debbie!

Acupuncture is a therapy developed by the ancient Chinese that uses needles, application of heat, or finger pressure, or a combination, to stimulate various points on the skin.  The stimulation of these points encourages the flow of energy in the body along meridians (or channels) which in turn can affect us physically, mentally and spiritually.  To the Chinese, the mind and body are one; the mind representing the less material aspect of our beings, and the body, the more material aspect.

The energy circulation in the Channels is called “Qi” (pronounced “chee”).  The Chinese likened Qi circulation to the movement of water flowing in a network of rivers.  So long as the Qi in the Channels is flowing smoothly, we are healthy and function well in our environment.  If the Qi becomes blocked, we experience pain or disease (mental and/or physical).  Acupuncture balances the Channel system and helps the body/mind to remember proper functioning.

Because acupuncture has a balancing effect on the body, it is useful for drug, alcohol, and even nicotine detoxification. It helps calm the emotions and reduces cravings for drugs.  It is also helpful against the symptoms of withdrawal.

Acupuncture is done with extremely thin flexible needles made of stainless steel. There is a brief prick as the needle pierces the skin. Some people feel a numbness, tingling, warmth, or a dull ache where the needle is located or along the nearby Channel.

Acupuncture has been used for over 5,000 years in China.  It is still a treatment of choice for Asians, which make a quarter of the world’s population. Most side effects are minor and could include slight dizziness with treatment, or a light bleeding when the needle is withdrawn. Infections at the needle site or any other side effects are rare.  The clinic uses sterile one-time use needles.

Most people have a heightened sense of well-being after acupuncture treatment. It is known that acupuncture releases endorphin’s (the body’s own opiates) which in turn have wide-ranging effects on our health, specifically, the immune system and our emotions.

The NADA Protocol for Auricular Acupuncture

(these are the points that help provide relief)

SYMPATHETIC:  (Autonomic Nervous System)

This point alleviates stress in the autonomic nervous system (Fight or Flight).  This basic response to perceived danger evokes great anxiety and translates into a powerful stress response in the mind, nervous system and organs of the body.

Negative Emotions                    Positive Emotions

Anxiety                                               Calmness

SHEN MEN (“Spirit Gate”)

This point alleviates anxiety, controls nervousness, and has a general relaxing effect, and helps to bring the ‘Spirit Heart’ (Heart Energetic) into balance for a conscious self.

Negative Emotions                    Positive Emotions

Impatience                                          Joy

Mood Swings                                      Calm

Cruelty                                               Honor

KIDNEY:  (Essential Energy – Yin and Yang Source)

This point alleviates toxicity in the kidneys from chemical use, purified the blood and strengthens the nervous system. Calms fear and removes insecurities.  As the source of Yin and Yang energy, it is related to the Life Force and Longevity.

Negative Emotions                    Positive Emotions

Fear / Paranoia                                   Awareness

Anguish                                              Gentleness

LIVER (Emotional Balance – Rules the flow of Chi)

This point alleviates toxicity in the blood in conjunction with the kidney.  Balance of liver energy increases emotional balance for relaxation and confidence.  Stabilizes impulsive behavior mood swings.

Negative Emotions                    Positive Emotions

Anger / Rage                                      Kindness

Depression                                         Balance

LUNG (Life Force Balance – Rules Chi)

This point alleviates toxicity in the immune system, respiration, and skin function and promotes physical balance and the expression of feelings – especially sadness.  Also promotes relaxation.  This is a nourishing organ involved in the very balance of the Life Force itself.

Negative Emotions                    Positive Emotions

Grief                                                   Courage

Sadness                                             Righteousness

Are you ready to schedule an appointment? Debbie Stevens practices at Union Hospital in Terre Haute, IN and can be reached at (812) 249-4412.

Sessions are only $30 and group rates are available.

If you’re not in Terre Haute, let us know so we can connect you with someone fabulous in your area!

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If you haven’t tried acupuncture, will you try it now? I hope so! Please let us know how it goes!!

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