Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate

Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate //
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This time of year as the weather cools and the holidays are among us call for hot cocoa. And no, I don’t mean those little instant packets! I mean rich, creamy, chocolatey hot chocolate. And in little more time than those yucky packets taste. This traditional comfort drink is made nutrient rich and is perfect for snacking and boosting the metabolism! 

Raw Cacao: One cup of real cocoa powder contains 1311 grams of potassium, an essential mineral found in plants which regulate heartbeat, blood pressure, and sodium levels, and provides more than 25 percent of the recommended daily intake of 4700 milligrams for adults. Cocoa powder also contains phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium, which build bones, tissues, and nerves in the body. (source)

Coconut Sugar: Coconut sugar is made from the sugar blossoms of fresh coconuts found in the tropics. It is harvested by slicing the bud of the coconut tree flower to release the sap or coconut nectar. This nectar is then boiled into a thick caramel and dried into crystals. Nothing is removed during this process. Coconut sugar is similar in texture and taste to brown sugar but far outweighs its nutritional profile. Unlike typical sugar or agave nectar, coconut sugar contains the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, phosphorus, and boron. Coconut sugar also contains 12 of the B vitamins and Coconut sugar contains 16 out of the 20 amino acids, including glutamine. Glutamine is very important for metabolic function. Check out this cool nutritional comparison chart.

Collagen Hydrolysate: This highly digestible (within 30 minutes) gelatin is perfect for weak digestion (and let’s be honest, who always has time to make bone broth). One tablespoon contains 6 grams of protein and glycine, an important amino acid to help the liver take out the bodies trash.

Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate 



  1. Blend all ingredients, except raw milk, and heat on the stove top at your desired temperature.
  2. Pour into your favorite mug and stir in raw milk (never heat raw milk).
  3. Top with coconut whipped cream and enjoy!

What’s your favorite hot chocolate recipe? Please share in the comments!

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Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate //


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    1. Oh cocoa lovers unite!! I completely agree about coconut oil and used it exclusively until I could tolerate raw dairy again. Have you ever tried a little raw milk on top at the end? It’s divine!! Cheers (with cocoa mugs;)

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