I Went To my High School Reunion and It Didn’t Kill Me

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I recently attended my High School Reunion and guess what it did NOT kill me!! Amazing, I know. Here’s what you need to now before you go and why you need to go.  Continue reading “I Went To my High School Reunion and It Didn’t Kill Me”

This Is Your Body On Meditation

At this point meditation is something we’ve all heard of.  And we know it’s not just for Buddhist monks or yogi’s, but may benefit students, stressed out Mom’s and business men. It’s becoming well known what meditation can do for our minds, but what about our bodies?? Continue reading “This Is Your Body On Meditation”

A little time for you each day…..

Yesterday at the gym I noticed a gal behind me who during the entire fitness class was on her phone texting and on Facebook. It got me thinking about how precious our time for physical activity is. This time is likely the only time we have each day for ourselves. A time to breathe, clear our minds, relieve stress and renew focus. This time is truly a precious gift in the world we live in, but how can we make the most of it? Continue reading “A little time for you each day…..”