I’m SO Over Food Shaming

I'm SO Over Food Shaming // realnutritiousliving.com
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All week the concept of food shaming has been at the front of my mind. I’m here to say it’s time to kick the guilt and judgment placed around food to the curb- for good! 


It all started with a donut. Let me explain.

It was your typical weekend. “What’s for breakfast?” chimed the family. And it was just one of those Saturdays where eggs or a smoothie just would not do.  What I really wanted was a delicious homemade donut.  Yeah, you see, I make some pretty kick-ass homemade donuts (to be shared soon!). So, I made the darn things.

And you know what happened next? I ate the donut (with chocolate frosting of course!). And really, isn’t one of life’s most simple pleasures eating the very food we’ve been craving?

So, I had my donut and ate it, too.

But, it wasn’t without contention.

We leave our front door open, so when some neighbors popped in, the first thing out of her mouth was, “YOU eat DONUTS? I thought you’d never touch that kind of stuff!” And her mister said, “I can’t believe YOU would make donuts!” To which I immediately replied, “Take a picture! I’m gonna share this with my tribe to show them that I not only make donuts but eat and enjoy each and every bite!!

How is it possible that I preach healthy living one minute and eat a donut the next?

Because it’s part of life and I’m human.

Because pleasure is my favorite nutrient.

Because I wanted it and it tasted so. dang. good.

Because I savored every bite and stopped when I was satisfied, about halfway through.

Because during the course of an ordinary day, I spend more time thinking about the big rocks (protein, veggies, fats, greens) than I do thinking about my indulgences.

Because I believe in the power of high-quality chocolate and how good it can feel to scratch that itch.

Because guilt is no longer a part of my vocabulary when it comes to food.

Because I’m allowed!

Since I’ve shifted my attitude and adopted these beliefs, I easily maintain my weight and my appetite and my cravings are in check. I now feel incredibly free because there’s no more negative self-talk, no more shame around my food choices, and no guilt. I now enjoy my food. The feeling of “it’ll never be enough” has been filled with “I always have enough.” And as a result, I don’t overeat.

Losing the fear (false evidence appearing real) that surrounds food takes away it’s immense power. Food without food is not sexy, dangerous, or naughty. It’s just food (and altogether less tempting).

I believe our bodies are incredibly wise and cravings are a signal of what our bodies truly need. And by truly listening to our cravings we can give our bodies what it actually needs. This way of thinking eliminates mindless eating because the brain receives messages in a completely different way when we eat from this happy place.

Make sense?

This is about creating your bliss and empowerment to replace the judgment and guilt.

It’s your journey. I dare you to celebrate your choices. They are part of who you really are.

When you screw up, skip a workout or eat a bad meal, it doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you human. Welcome to the club. There’s like 7 billion of us. ~ Anonymous

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I'm SO Over Food Shaming // realnutritiousliving.com

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